Monday, February 10, 2014

Periphery Experiment On New EP

Progressive metal band Periphery released their second EP Clear last month. The EP contains an intro written by the entire band and then six other tracks written by each member of the band.
"Overture" is the intro track and is an instrumental cut that sets the mood of the EP and starts out the melodic theme for the other songs.
"The Summer Jam" written  by guitarist Jake Bowen is classic Periphery. Catchy clean vocals and djent guitar chords. Singer and guitarist Spencer Sotelo shows his vocal range and goes seamlessly going between harsh vocals as he does so well on most Periphery songs.
"Feed the Ground" is written by drummer Matt Halpern. The song sounds like a lot of Periphery songs and while it isn't a bad song it doesn't do anything different or better than other songs by the band. It's catchy enough and Sotelo's clean vocals are on point as are his unclean vocals.
"Zero" was written by guitarist Misha Mansoor is an instrumental cut that holds it's own with the rest of the band. The instruments are insane and while I'm not really a fan of instrumental music, this song is still great.
"The Parade of Ashes" is written by vocalist Spencer Sotelo. This song is a poppy yet heavy song that is the best song on the EP as well as one of the band's best songs in general. It's catchy and aggressive and is sure to be a live favorite for years to come.
"Extraneous" is written by bassist Adam "Nolly" Getgood and it's an instrumental cut that isn't as good as "Zero" but it's still heavy and it slays.
"Pale Aura" is written by guitarist Mark Holcomb. The song is a good way to close the album. It starts off with Sotelo doing unclean vocals. Then in the chorus Sotelo employs epic clean vocals. This song is a great way to close off the EP.
While this EP is hit and miss, it does show that Periphery are a versatile band who can sing, write and produce a wide array of music. It also should get fans excited about a full album later on this year.

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