Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fantasia Redeems Herslf On Fourth Album

Season 3 winner of American Idol, Fantasia released her fourth album Side Effects of You last week and it's great return to form after her third album Back to Me was very lackluster. After her first two albums Free Yourself and Fantasia were both great albums.
Fantasia released the single "Lose to Win" in January. The single was a decent song but it didn't look good. Then in April, a week before the release of the album Fantasia released the second single and best song on the album. "Without Me" which features Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott. The song features the three women going ham on lovers who have done them wrong. "What would you be without me," Fantasia sings during the chorus. The song is a mid-tempo R&B/hip hop and it's good to hear Elliott back in the booth.
The album has so many great songs. The title track which was written by Emeli Sandé is a great song about the codependency in a bad relationship. "Ain't All Bad" is a reggae inspired song about moving on from a breakup and on the rock and funk inspired "Get it Right" Fantasia seems to have discovered profanity for the first time. "Give the motherfucking drummer some," she screams during the breakdown. "So Much to Prove" continues the rock-laced sound of "Get it Right." Fantasia described the sound of the album as "rock-soul and that is what keeps going on the next song "Change Your Mind." The soulful track is laced with rock guitars and features a sassed up and sexy Fantasia. The next song, the VV Brown written "Lighthouse" is about shining bright and being yourself. The song has a rock sound as well and sounds like an outtake from Brown's catalog.
The album closes with some songs that sound like they could be off of early Fantasia albums. The sound on the closing three songs is soulful and emotional. The songs here shake off the rock swag of the middle of the album and get down the classic Fantasia.
Also this record is the first where Fantasia writes most of the lyrics. On her last record she wrote a few songs but on her first two she didn't write anything. "Ain't All Bad," If I Was a Bird," Without Me," "Get it Right," "So Much to Prove," "Change Your Mind," End of Me" and the bonus tracks "Haunted" and "To The Heavens" all give Fantasia a writing credit. This makes the album more personal.
Fantasia is back to her old form on this album and hopefully she can keep going and make more amazing albums just like this one.

will.i.am Releases Fun New Album

Black Eyed Peas vocalist and producer will.i.am released his fourth album #willpower last week after many delays. The album features guest appearances by some of music's hottest artist and showcases a more electropop sound than the hip hop of his last album and earlier Black Eyed Peas albums.
The album was preceded by the single "This is Love" which features Dutch singer Eva Simons and is a catchy hip hop/house song that features parts of hip hop swag mixed in with electro breakdowns. The second single is the Britney Spears assisted "Scream & Shout" which is about get letting loose in a club. The song is a great single and will definitely tide Spears fans over until her album comes out in the fall. "You are now, now rocking will/ will.i.am and Britney Bitch," the two sing. The third single is the surprisingly good "#thatPower" which features Justin Bieber. These singles replaced the original single "T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever)" which featured Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger.
Other highlights include "Hello" and the "Fall Down." The latter featuring Miley Cyrus and features the two dueting about lovers picking each other up when they fall down. The song has a more hip hop sound than the other songs. Other highlights include "Gettin' Dumb" which features will.i.am's band mate apl.de.ap and Korean girl group 2NE1 and "Love Bullets" which features Skylar Grey.
The album's best song is "Far Away from Home" which features Nicole Scherzinger. The song is an electropop anthem about a fame-seeking Hollywood starlet wannabe. "Let's go far away from home/ Ride on a rocket/ Burn down the boulevard, burnin' it up," the two single during the chorus.
While most of the songs are good, there are a few that just don't work. "Geekin'" is ridiculously silly hip hop/electro song and "Freshy" is a piece of rap trash that will.i.am is supposed to be above doing.
This album isn't the best album of the year, but it is a fun album that is sure to be the soundtrack to a summer party. #willpower only works because of the guest appearances. Without the help of his famous friends this album wouldn't be the same level of greatness that it is.

Gin Wigmore Shines On New Album

Gin Wigmore, New Zealand's answer to Amy Winehouse, Adele and Duffy, released her sophomore album Gravel & Wine in her homeland in November 2011. The album was hugely successful there leading it to be released in the United States this month.
The album is a mix of bluesy, folk rock with an alternative rock and pop edge. The songs range from faster, sassy songs to ballads. Wigmore's voice is what part of what makes her so great. It's soulful, yet full of blues.
Her songwriting is another part of what makes her sophomore album so great. "I got lots of jealous lovers that all wish they had me back/ Got a pistol for a mouth, my own mama gave me that/ Making my own road out of gravel and some wine/ And if I have to fall then it won't be in your line," Wigmore sings during the first verse of the album's second single and best song, "Black Sheep." The soulful, rocker recalls Amy Winehouse's sassiest moments.
Other album highlights include "Devil in Me," a rollicking song about a lover who brings out Wigmore's bad side and "If Only" which has 50s soul influences and wouldn't be out of place on Gabriella Cilmi's debut. "Man Like That" and the bonus track "Don't Stop" are both faster songs, the latter being the album's cute love song.
The slow jams like "Saturday Smile" and "Moving on to Gone" are emotional and Wigmore's lyrics and vocals truly make you feel what she is singing about. "Dirty Love" wouldn't be out of place in a James Bond film and "Sweet Hell" is a duet with Butch Walker who produced the whole album. Walker is known for his productions for P!nk, Avril Lavigne and Fall Out Boy, this album shows he is versatile as a producer. "Happily Ever After" sounds like a mix of P!nk's "Please Don't Leave Me" and "Halo" by Beyoncé.
This album is a great way for Wigmore to be introduced to American audiences who missed out on her debut. Hopefully her greatness is realized, yet in a world where dubstep breakdowns make hits, that isn't likely. Wigmore will be playing the entire Vans Warped Tour this summer.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Summer Set Make New Sound On New Album

The Summer Set's last album was pretty boring. Everything's Fine had a very acoustic sound and while there were some great songs, it wasn't as fun as their debut Love Like This. Their debut had a more pop-punk sound than their sophomore album. The band toured extensively and announced they were recording a new album.
In 2012 the band released the first single off of their third album, "Fuck You Over." The single was a synth-laced pop-punk jam with pop sensibilities and a rock swagger. Then in 2013 the band released two singles, the midtempo "Maybe Tonight" and the cheesy pop-rocker "Boomerang." "If I was Jay- Z/ You'd be my Beyoncé/ We could rock the nation like they do," front man Brian Dales sings during the chorus.
Last week The Summer Set released their third album Legendary. While this record isn't as good as their debut it's still a step in the right direction. The album blends the sounds of their first two albums to form a great blend of styles.
The album has some pop-rock inspired tunes. From "Lightening in a Bottle" and "Happy For You," the rockers on the album are fun and passionate. The Summer Set have never rocked that hard but they sure know how to make a fun pop-rock song. The emphasis is on the pop on this album. The songs sound like a combination of We The Kings mixed with a better version of Jonas Brothers and has it's male Taylor Swift moments.
The album's slower moments like "Heart on the Floor" which was written with pop singer Cady Groves and features Dia Frampton, are great. The band really show that they can do both fast and slower songs.
All in all Legendary is a great step in the right direction for the band. Here's hoping they don't blow it.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs Regain Their Glory On New Album

New York City indie rock trio Yeah Yeah Yeahs released their stellar debut album Fever to Tell almost ten years ago and after a good sophomore record Show Your Bones, the band released their third album It's Blitz! in 2009.
While Show Your Bones had a more stripped down sound which incorporated acoustic guitar in  many of the tracks, It's Blitz! had a pop/new wave sound that mixed in decently with their previous musical style. The album had a few great songs and the second single "Heads Will Roll" was even featured on Glee.
After a four year break and breakup rumors the band finally released their fourth album Mosquito. The album was preceded by the single "Sacrilege" which was better than any song off of their last album. The song is a gothic, indie rock song that features a gospel choir on the second half of th e song. There are plenty of other great songs to go with the first single, "Under the Earth" has a gothic sound that is similar to "Sacrilege." The song is classic Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a new twist. "12 tongues put a hex on you," front woman Karen O yelps. Another highlight is the album closer "Wedding Song." While the song is a sweet love song Karen O is singing to her husband. While this song is sure to get comparisons to "Maps," Yeah Yeah Yeahs signature and best song, it isn't anywhere near as emotional or well written.
"Despair" and "Buried Alive" which features Dr. Octagon are both evolutions of the band's signature sound, the latter bringing in hip hop influences. The best song on the album would have to be the title track. While it makes no sense, the song is irresistible. A ridiculous not to everybody's least favorite insect, "Mosquito" is a fun song that recalls the band's earlier work.
While no songs on the album are bad, there are a few that don't quite cut it. "Subway" is a great track but it's very boring and nothing seems to happen. Meanwhile "Slave" is just silly and "Always" is repetitive. Even though these songs aren't the best, they are still listenable.
Mosquito is proof that Yeah Yeah Yeahs are here to stay. Despite pitfalls they are a band who never release the same album twice. Their sound is constantly evolving and growing. Some bands who have been around for 13 years may start to phone in albums, but not Karen O and the boys. Yeah Yeah Yeahs are here to stay.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fall Out Boy Back With A Vengence

Fall Out Boy came back from their hiatus with their fifth album Save Rock and Roll. The album followed their 2008 opus Folie à Deux. The album featured guest appearances by Blondie singer Debbie Harry, William Beckett and Lil' Wayne and went between genres. Then in 2009 the band went on hiatus.
This album may not be perfect, but it shows that Fall Out Boy need to be here. Fall Out Boy just can't say away from making music and this record is a testament of that. From the introductory track "The Phoenix" to the album closer and title track which features Elton John, the album has no bad songs. While some songs like "Alone Together" and "The Mighty Fall" which features rapper Big Sean may be a little boring, songs like "Where Did The Party Go" more than make up for them.
The album's highlights would have to be "Just One Yesterday" which features singer Foxes, "Rat a Tat" which features Courtney Love and the Robynesque "Miss Missing You." These songs all show what the band do best, make good music.
The lyrics are another thing that make the album so great. "I'm gonna change you/ Like a remix/ The I'll raise you/ Like a phoenix," front man Patrick Stump sings during the chorus of "The Phoenix." While most of the songs are about breakups and aging, they never get overdone.
This album is a great return for Fall Out Boy, here's hoping that they don't do any silly things like going on hiatus ever again.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stars In Stereo Release Solid Debut

Pop-rocker Becca shot to fame in Japan in 2008 when her song "I'm Alive" from her debut album Alive!!! was featured in the anime Black Butler. She went on to release her debut in her homeland of the United States, but it went nowhere. Her blend of catchy rock influenced pop music went ignored and in 2012 she decided to join rock band Stars In Stereo.
Stars In Stereo began to record their debut album. With the band Becca toured with The Used, Blue October and Flyleaf. Then in October 2012 the band released an EP which was set to precede their self-titled debut. Last week Stars In Stereo released their debut album. Stars In Stereo is a pop-punk/hard rock hybrid that is one part Paramore and one part Halestorm. While Becca is no Hayley Williams or Lzzy Hale, she does a good job of navigating the rocking, synth-kissed anthems that are on this album. Becca shows that she can rock hard on songs like "Violence," "Dealing Secrets," and "Queen of Catastrophe." Each song is catchy and passionate and while they aren't as memorable as some of the songs by her peers, this is a good glimpse of the greatness that Becca and Stars In Stereo may come up with later on.
Slower songs like "Lie Down" and "Open Your Eyes" are also strong points of the album. While there are no bad songs, there aren't that many songs that stick out from the crowd or rowdy rockers. "At the Stroke of Midnight" and "Lie Down" are both highlights. These songs have a different spark than the rest.
While there are some problems with it, Stars In Stereo's debut is a solid, enjoyable release from a talented band. Hopefully they can keep up the momentum of this album and only get better with time.

Killswitch Engage Get Back To Basics On New Album

In 2012 metalcore titans Killswitch Engage reunited with former front man Jesse Leach after parting ways with former singer Howard Jones. Leach was singer in the beginning years of the band, singing on their first two records. Then in 2004 Jones joined the group and helping to sculpt the classic metalcore sound that the band is known for.
After the bands formulaic self-titled fifth album the band took a break from recording. Then four years later the band released their sixth album, and first album to feature Leach in 11 years.
The album was preceded by the single "In Due Time." The sound of the record is very classic Killswitch Engage. Clean vocals mixed in with harsh screaming heavy guitar and double bass drum filled instrumentation. The songs contain a passion that have been missing from their newer music since 2006. Songs like "The Call" and "The New Awakening" sound both aggressive and melodic. Not to mention the catchy choruses that metalcore is known for. "A Tribute to the Fallen" is a prime example of this. The album's best song, it has aggressive verses and an addictively sung chorus.
While some of the songs tend to blend together, this is metalcore at it's finest. This album is everything that All That Remains' latest album tried to be.
Killswitch Engage show known signs of stopping and if this album is proof, they'll keep making great albums for a long time to come.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Selena Gomez Grows Up

Disney Starlet Selena Gomez has had quite the career. With countless television shows and films, not to mention three albums with her backing band The Scene, Gomez has had much success. In 2012 she announced that her band was going on hiatus and that they would get back together in 2013. Then in 2013 Gomez announced that she would be going solo for her next album which she stated is inspired by Skrillex and Taylor Swift.
The first single "Come & Get It" was released this week and shows a mature side of her. The dubstep/electropop song which features some world music influences is a sexy anthem about not being over an ex and giving him permission to "come and get it."
While the song is sure to be judged as being aimed at ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, but Gomez said it isn't. While Gomez didn't write the song it seems to be relatable to their relationship. "This love will be the death of me/ But I know I'll die happily," Gomez coos in the bridge.
While Gomez has never been the greatest vocalist, her vocals sound smooth here and add to the song. Despite the song being catchy, it isn't as memorable as Gomez's previous singles such as "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" or "Love You Like A Love Song." The song is a great preview of Gomez's debut solo album. Hopefully the rest of her record is as experimental as this song is. That is the appeal of this song, experimentation. Not to mention the fact that it's a fun, relatable club jam. Gomez's album is due out in the summer.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Avril Lavigne Releases Childish New Single

Avril Lavigne has never been one to have mature lyrics, but that is the appeal about her. Lavigne's first two albums contained breakup songs that while being shittily written, were catchy and relatable. Then on her third album The Best Damn Thing, Lavigne adopted a more pop-punk sound and released her best album. The fun ended after that and she released her last album, Goodbye Lullaby. The album had a more acoustic sound and while the singles "What The Hell" and "Smile" were more classic, punky Avril, the album went nowhere.
Then Lavigne started to date Nickleback front man Chad Kroeger and recording her fifth studio album. This week Lavigne released the first single from that as-yet-untitled album called "Here's to Never Growing Up." The song is co-written by Kroeger and Boys Like Girls singer Martin Johnson.
The song is a thumping, acoustic guitar-filled pop song about drinking and loving life. The song is catchy, but it doesn't sound like a song Lavigne would usually sing. The lyrics are also a rough point for the song. "I got a bottle of whatever, but it's getting us drunk/ Singing here's to never growing up," Lavigne sings during the chorus.
While the single isn't perfect, it is catchy. However as a 28-year-old, engaged woman Lavigne should be writing better, more mature songs than this. Hopefully the rest of the album is more fun.

Paramore Release Their Best Album

Paramore have always released classic albums and with their self-titled fourth album Hayley Williams and co. really outdo themselves. The songs have a different sound than their previous albums and with songs written about moving on from the past, Paramore is an album full of hope and experimentation.
After rumors of a split in late 2010 when two founding members left the band, Paramore decided to do that they do best. What they do best is write catchy rock music packed with emotion. From the album's opener, and not to mention the best song on this record, "Fast in My Car" to the last song, the seven minute long "Future," the band have written their best collection of songs yet.
While traces of their previous, pop-punk/emo sound can be heard on songs such as "Be Alone" and "Part II,' the band experiment on other songs. From the funky touches of "Ain't It Fun" to the Taylor Swiftesque "Hate to See Your Heart Break," the band show no signs of stopping.
"Part II" is an 80s new wave inspired sequel to "Let the Flames Begin" off of their sophomore album Riot!. Other highlights include the second single "Still Into You" which sounds like Katy Perry with a rock edge and "Anklebiters" which has a more punk sound.
The lyrics are another reason to love this album. Williams has clearly used writing songs to help her work through the departure of Zac and Josh Farro in 2010. "I could be angry, but you're not worth the fight/ Besides I'm moving on," Williams sings on "Interlude: Moving On."
Paramore have cemented their spot in rock music history as survivors. Their fourth album shows that the band aren't going anywhere and that they can pull of any kind of music.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kelsey Chaos Releases Phenomenal EP

As vocalist for Kelsey and the Chaos, Kelsey Merritt was a pop-punk princess. Her band was on the rise with their music that sounded like Katy Perry fronting Paramore. In 2010 Kelsey left the Chaos to form her own solo project.
As Kelsey Chaos, she released a free EP of music on The Vans Warped Tour in 2011. Revolution Summer had three songs that were pure summer fun. "I'm Single" and "It's A Stick Up" off of that EP were released on iTunes the next year in addition to the killer single "In For the Kill." Then finally this week Kelsey released Out of This World, her first official EP
The songs on the EP feature a more clubby sound than her previous tunes. "In For the Kill" kicks off the album. With a dance-pop sound and some rock and roll swagger Kelsey tells a potential manstealer to back off her boyfriend. "Girl get your hands off my man/ You're in way over your head/ I'll make you wish you were dead," Kelsey sings during the chorus. The song is sure to be a classic and has a certain Ke$ha/Katy Perry vibe to it.
"A Shot in the Dark" is a raved out synthpop jam about falling in love at a club. Kelsey approaches the object of her affection with confidence and talks a mean game. "So come and dance with me," She sings. The song is catchy and is sure to get in people's heads for months to come. Kelsey's vocals are also killer on this, as well as the other songs.
The EP then goes into "Liar Liar." This song was written by Kelsey in addition to Chris Kirkpatrick of 'N Sync fame. The song has Kelsey going in on a lover who has done her wrong. Kelsey is unleashing her rage on this fun pop jam. "You know that love it never lasts/ But a song is forever," Kelsey warns during the bridge.
"Alien" has a more 80s inspired beat. The song isn't as catchy as the first three songs but it's still a fun listen.
The EP closes on a high note with "Feel Like Dancing." This song is a reggae inspired ode to dancing. This song is sure to be the soundtrack to many a summer day.
The EP is a move in the right direction for Kelsey and hopefully will gain her many fans to get her to a pop-star level.

Jessica Sutta Does It Again

Former Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta released two great singles after leaving the now defunct girl group. 2010's "I Wanna Be Bad" and 2011's stupendously catchy "Show Me." Both songs showed different sides of Sutta while both being fast dance anthems.
Sutta Pop, Sutta's debut album was due for release in 2012 but never saw a release. After being let go by her record label, Hollywood Records, Sutta went into the studio and kept pushing on with her debut. Last month Sutta released her new single "Again." This dance anthem is all about moving on from the past and not letting troubles get you down. Sutta's lyrics and vocal performance are great and while the song isn't as good as her other ones, it's definitely enough to get Sutta noticed.
This song is destined for radio greatness. Hopefully Sutta will be the first Pussycat Doll to have true solo success. Sutta Pop is due out this year.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Escape The Fate Continue to Wow

Escape The Fate released their stellar first single off of their upcoming fourth studio album Ungrateful. The single and title track came out in February and showcased a more heavy metalcore sound. The shift to a harder sound was a welcome change and showed that the band could go heavier.
The song was a great evolution yet on their next single "You're Insane," was a throwback to their previous albums. The single is a heavy metal/hard rock song with elements of hardcore music. Front man Craig Mabbitt sings for most of the song with screams thrown in.
The song is an aggressive, catchy track that has a certain spark that is lacking on most of the band's songs. The band each show off their talent and Mabbitt gives a perfect vocal performance. Mabbitt is one of the things that makes Escape The Fate work. His clean vocals are both smooth, yet they have a certain rock and roll roughness that makes the songs work.
The band have some added double bass in addition to a sick guitar solo to add some heaviness to the track. This single, in addition to "Ungrateful" are sure to get fans excited for the new album. Ungrateful is set for release on May 14.

Fall Out Boy Return to Form On New Single

Fall Out Boy's new single and the announcement of their new album in February. Save Rock and Roll was due out on May 6 before it got pushed up to April 16. This was due to the overwhelming popularity of their first single, the soulful, electrorock "My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em Up)." The single was great and while it was a good song and would have fit nicely on an Adam Lambert album, it wasn't the classic pop-punk of their older music.
On March 24 the and released the promo single "The Phoenix." The song for one thing is back to the classic Fall Out Boy sound. The song mixes in their previous albums with the electro sound of their previous single.
The song is a catchy rocker with lyrics about rising up like a phoenix. We are the jack-o-lanterns in July/ Setting fire to the sky," Front man Patrick Stump sings during the first verse. While some of the lyrics may be a little cheesy ("Put on your war paint.") the song is still great.
This song is like classic Fall Out Boy with a new twist. Hopefully this song is a sign of what is to come with the new album. Save Rock and Roll is in stores April 16.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Vanna Grow On New Album

Vanna have always been post-hardcore kings ever since they burst onto the scene in 2005 with their This Will Be Our Little Secret EP. The next year they released their EP The Search Party Never Came which became an instant classic. That followed by their debut album Curses.
While these EPs and album were great, not all of the songs were amazing. Despite constant lineup changes during their entire career, the band released their first album that was truly on the verge of greatness. A New Hope featured such Vanna classics as "Trashmouth" and "Safe to Say." And while all of the songs were good, only about half of the album stood out amongst the rest of the songs. This has always been Vanna's problem. While the band always write good songs, they tend to sound the same and it's the better ones that stick out. Then in 2010 the band released their The Honest Hearts EP. This was the first release with current unclean vocalist Davey Muise. The EP contained three new songs and two rerecorded tracks. All of these songs were great and showcased the passionate, heavy post-hardcore that Vanna are known for.
The band then released their And They Came Baring Bones album. The album was more metal and hardcore influenced and featured a heavier sound. Each release seemed to be growing towards this album. Then this year the band released their fourth studio album, The Few and the Far Between.
This album is Vanna's first perfect release. The album's 11 songs are all highlights. From the rockers "Year of the Rat" and "Casket Rhythm," to the band's softer side on songs like "Please Stay," there are no disappointing songs. This album, is the first release without clean vocalist and founding member Evan Pharmakis. Pharmakis' clean vocals were one of the things that highlighted Vanna's songs. However with the inclusion of new clean vocalist Joel Pastuszak is a good one.
The album's strongest song is the aforementioned "Please Stay." This song features no clean vocals from Pastuszak yet allows Muise's harsh vocals to get across the pain and yearning of the lyrics. The song is all about missing a lover while on tour. Vanna clearly have a lot of experience with that. The band have toured extensively for most of their career. The song features female clean vocals and shows that the band are clearly growing.
The songs also feature lyrics about a wider range of topics than previous albums. In addition to the lyrics of love gone wrong and life's struggles the lyrics also touch on religion, persevering and loneliness. 
This album is not only the best of Vanna's career, it is also one of the greatest albums of this year. This post-hardcore masterpiece won't be forgotten soon and is sure to be opening up pits until Vanna unveil their next aggressive opus.

Kerli Goes Dance

Estonian singer Kerli rose out of the ashes in 2008 on her debut album, Love is Dead. The album sounded like Evanescence meets Britney Spears and featured such killer songs as "Walking on Air" and "Creepshow." Then the singer released her pop/rock/rap Alice in Wonderland inspired single "Tea Party" and then had two dance singles "Army of Love" and "Zero Gravity." While these songs lacked the rock edge of her great debut, they were still catchy and addictive and held fans over until March when she released her dance-filled EP Utopia.
The EP was proceeded by the single "The Lucky Ones." The song was a fun pop anthem but it lacked the intensity of her debut.
The EP kicks off with "Can't Control the Kids." This song is all about a generation of children controlled by the internet. The song is a dance anthem that has hints of dubstepish sounds. The song is a fun, catchy song that features a throbbing beat as well as a good vocal performance by Kerli.
The next song is the single "The Lucky Ones." The song is a ravetastic number that despite not being anything special will at least get you dancing.
The album then goes into the piano ballad "Love Me or Leave Me." The song is emotional, yet it doesn't pack the same punch that the singer had on her debut album's ballads. The song features lyrics about Kerli falling out of love with her lover.
The next song, "Sugar" is an acoustic guitar filled electropop jam that features sexual lyrics. While Kerli didn't explore the topic of sex on her debut, "Tea Party" was al about getting it on. On "Sugar" Kerli is trying to be sexy and seductive, yet something about it doesn't quite work. Despite this the song is an enjoyable track.
"Here and Now" is the album's best track. The single had a house inspired beat and lyrics about living in the moment. The song is catchy and fun and shows that while Kerli's new direction isn't as good as her older rockier sound, she can still own a song. This song gives hope to those let down by this release.
The album ends on a slow note with "Chemical." This song is better than half the songs on this album. Kerli is opening up her scars on this song and showing her vulnerable side.
The bonus track "The Lucky Ones (Syn Col vs. Kerli)." This remix is an improvement on the album and features a trance beat with piano thrown into the mix.
While this EP is good, it's nowhere near as great as her debut album and sadly Kerli doesn't seem to be showing signs of wanting to return to her previous rocker mode. This EP shows that Kerli is growing and hopefully she can reach her dreams of dance-diva status.