Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Alicia Keys is on fire with new single

Alicia Keys released her soulful new single "Girl On Fire" last week, the title track from her fifth album. The song has R&B flavor mixed with hip hop thump and is the best thing Keys has released since her single "Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart" from her disappointing last album.
The song, whose "Inferno Remix" features Nicki Minaj is all about being strong. "This girl is on fire," Keys sings passionately during the chorus. She clearly isn't going to take any crap from anybody. The inclusion of another strong female, Minaj, adds strength to this ladies anthem.
Keys stated that the song was inspired by giving birth to her son and her marriage. The song is epic and anthemic and shows that Keys is back and better than ever.
Her latest album, The Element of Freedom. That album was boring and didn't have the kick that her other albums had. It lacked the energy and passion that Keys is known for. This song and her single "New Day" are sure to get fans excited for her next album, due out in November.

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