Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Joss Stone stays soulful on new album

Joss Stone burst onto the music scene with her debut album The Soul Sessions, which featured Stone covering classic soul songs. The album featured only one modern cover and it was "Fell In Love With A Boy," a cover of The White Stripes song "Fell In Love With A Girl." Now after four albums of amazing original material, Stone is back with the follow up to her debut The Soul Sessions Volume 2.
The album still features soulful remakes of soul songs and one cover of a song by indie rock band Broken Bells. The album features lots of great songs but the best is the first single "While You're Out Looking For Sugar." The song features Stone singing to her cheating lover that while he's cheating, she'll replace him. Stone sings the lyrics with such confidence.
"The High Road," which serves as the second single is another highlight. The soulful guitars and Stone's emotive vocals prove this song to be one of the best performances Stone has given since her third album back in 2007.
Other highlights include "The Love We Had Stays On My Mind," a gorgeous ballad, "Teardrops" which has Stone showing off her softer side and "I Got The..." which is the song that Eminem sampled for his hit"My Name Is..."
One of the downsides to the album is "Pillow Talk," which features Stone trying to be sultry and seductive. This song is decent but sexually is hardly Stone's strong point. With the exception of course of "Put Your Hands On Me" from her album Introducing Joss Stone which is one of her best songs ever.
All in all every song on this album is good and shows the world that Joss Stone truly is one of the most underrated R&B singers of this era.

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