Friday, August 16, 2013

Colette Carr Finally Releases Debut Album

Colette Carr released her debut album Skitszo, last month. The album was released as four EPs throughout the past year and then last month the entire album was released.
Carr's Ke$ha influenced brand of rap-pop mixes in many different types of music. There's the reggae influenced "Who Do You Think You Are," the rock influenced, "Told You So" which features pop-rocker Porcelain Black and the club influenced "Killswitch."
Carr's songs are either about partying, relationships or bragging. Her partying songs include the ABBA sounding "I Don't Wanna Go," "Mes Amis (We Can Party), and the Keane-sampling single "(We Do It) Primo," all of which are highlights.
Some of Carr's most endearing songs are her relationship songs. From the clubby "F16" to the rocking breakup anthem "Told You So" to the sad "Never Gonna Happen," Carr gets real with her lover, no matter what the occasion. "Why Are You Leaving?"and "Hearsay" are also good breakup songs. Then there's "Delusional," a song about Carr being creeped on by a delusional freak who according to Carr "whipped his dick out."
Then comes the third category of Carr's music, the classic hip hop bragging track. From the crazy "One By One" to the thumping "The Finest Things" and the E-40 assisted "Can't Touch This," Carr has her brag on 100.
While there are no bad songs on the album, there are simply too many songs on the album that sound too similar. Carr would do good to try to be a little more experimental.
While her album was just released Carr will be releasing a mixtape later on this year. Skitszo is a great introduction for this young singer. Here's to more success for Colette Carr.

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