Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Iwrestledabearonce Mature On New Album

Crazy as fuck metal band Iwrestledabearonce have always made interesting music. From heavy breakdowns and harsh vocals to gorgeously sung clean parts. From grindcore-infused metalcore one second, to techno breakdown or a country music interlude. The band have always mixed in random kinds of music like jazz, electropop, dubstep or country.
Their first two albums It's All Happening and Ruining It for Everybody were great and had tons of classic songs with ridiculous titles. "Karate Nipples," "Tastes Like Kevin Bacon" and "Danger in the Manger" are all great songs that keep the listener guessing the whole way through.
Former vocalist Krysta Cameron left the band during Warped Tour 2012 due to her pregnancy. this is the band's first problem. Their new singer, former Unicron vocalist Courtney LaPlante. While LaPlante's unclean vocals are similar to Cameron's, but her clean vocals are different.
She isn't a strong a clean singer as Cameron. While LaPlante is a good vocalist, she isn't as strong as Cameron was. The only thing she has on Cameron is that LaPlante's clean vocals are more clearly understood.
The band released their third album this month and it has great songs, but it isn't as good as their first two records. Late for Nothing may lack the kick of their first two albums, but that doesn't make it bad. On songs like "Firebees" and "Carnage Asada" the band are brutal. The songs are heavy and are sure to keep mosh pits open, but they lack the sheer insanity that made the band's earlier music shine.
LaPlante also has a more straightforward writing style. The band's lyrics have grown.
"You try too draw a straight line/ You make a circle every time," LaPlante sings during the chorus of "Thunder Chunky," one of the album's best songs.
There is also more emphasis on clean vocals. "Mind The Gap" is all clean vocals and "That's a Horse of a Different Color"  has mostly clean vocals.
There are no bad songs on the album and if this is your first Iwrestledabearonce album you've heard, maybe you'll really enjoy it. For all of the achievements this album makes, it's hard to compare it to the greatness that once was.

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