Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Abandon All Ships Stay the Same on New Album

Abandon All Ships released their third album Malocchio last month and it's sound is identical to their previous records. That being said the band have improved upon their songs and this record is better than their sophomore record Infamous.
The band have been known to mix metalcore with trance, house, dubstep and other EDM styles in addition to hip hop. The band's vocalists Martin Broda who does cleans and Angelo Aita who does unclean vocals bring the songs to life with the help of the rest of the band.
The band mix in dance influences well on songs like first single "Reefer Madness," Alive" which features dance outfit Astrokrat and "Paradise" which closes the album in a song that is part aggression, part emotion.
The album's two best songs are the second single "Cowboys" and the title track. "Cowboys" starts off aggressive with Aita screaming and then mixes in a great clean chorus. The title track is an aggressive song that has melodic moments. Malocchio means evil eye in Italian.
"I look around and all I see are evil eyes surrounding me," Broda sings during the chorus.
These songs are what makes Abandon All Ships great. This album reminds us that the band write great songs.
While Malocchio isn't better than their debut album Geeving, it does come close. Here's to hoping that Abandon All Ships just get better.

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