Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Dollyrots Release Catchy New Album

Pop-punk band The Dollyrots rose to fame  in 2007 with their sophomore album Because I'm Awesome. The band, with the backing of Joan Jett's Blackheart Records got lots of exposure with their music used in television shows such as The Simple Life, Ugly Betty and Greek. This is largely due to front woman Kelly Ogden's kick ass personality. Part Gwen Stefani, part Joan Jett, Ogden is a mix of punk and pop.
The title track which served as their first single and is the band's best song serves as the template for the band's current sound. Catchy music mixed with tongue-in-cheek lyricism. This sound is present on their fifth record Barefoot and Pregnant.
The best song on the album and a close second as their best song is the catchy and adorable "Stupidly in Love." The song is a soundtrack of the love affair with Luis Cabezas with whom Ogden just had a child with last year.
While some of the songs on the album are silly and sound too similar, there are some great songs on this album. From the frenemy bashing "Worstie" to the punk-as-fuck title track to "Angel in Snow" some of the songs are great.
Other highlights include "Under the Same Sky," "Come and Get It" and "Puppy Dog Eyes." "First World Anarchist" is a silly ode to rebellion that is both great and ridiculous at the same. The lyrics get a little stupid. "No shirt, no shoes/ Give me service" just take the cake. Ogden also discusses wearing white after Labor Day and washing her face with body wash.
Some songs just don't hold up next to the others. "Get Weird" and "Homecoming" aren't the best but they aren't bad either.
The Dollyrots prove with this record that after a few albums of boring material, they can come back and bring the spunk back into their career.

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