Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Go Radio mature on new album

Go Radio's first album came out only a year ago and while there were moments of greatness, it fell flat. Last month the band released their sophomore album, Close the Distance. The album drops most of the band's earlier pop-punk influences and a new softer sound. The album sounds like if Augustana were good.
This album doesn't have a bad song on it and while towards the second half of the disc tends to blend together, the first six songs are fantastic.
From the first piano-tinged second single "Go to Hell" to the title track and best song on the record.
One thing that have always made Go Radio such a promising young band is frontman Jason Lancaster's beautiful, emotive vocals. They truly shine on songs like "Collide," "Over Me" and "I Won't Lie." Lancaster really knows how to tug on the heartstrings.
If Go Radio continue making music like this then maybe they'll have some bigger success.

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