Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ke$ha releases decent single

Pop star Ke$ha has always been known for her party jams. Her debut album, Animal and her EP Cannibal featured dance-pop party anthems about living it up and having a good time. She peppered in a few gorgeous ballads and made some of the best pop albums of 2010. So when Ke$ha released her first single off of her upcoming second album, Warrior, expectations were high.
"Die Young" is an electropop song about partying, because life is short. While it's not as attention grabbing as other Ke$ha songs, it does have a nice message. The only issue with the song is that it's not as catchy as her other songs. Songs like "Cannibal" and "Party at a Rich Dude's House" have the power of being addicting. Most of her older songs get stuck in your head and play over and over, "Die Young" doesn't do that.
The song isn't a good choice for a first single. While it does move outside of the box for a Ke$ha single, it isn't really going to gain her new album any buzz.
Ke$ha said that her new album would have a more rock influence and yet this single has no rock sound at all. It's more or less the same Ke$ha.
While "Die Young" may have been a poor first single choice, it is still a decent pop tune. The song, co written with Fun. front man Nate Ruess, is one of the first Ke$ha songs to use very little Auto-Tune. While not the most gifted vocalist, Ke$ha sounds the best on this song that she's sounded in a while. The song mixes in acoustic guitar with the electropop sound to make an original sound.
While not the most amazing song of the year "Die Young" does show that Ke$ha has grown a little and maybe Warrior will be a great album.

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