Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ellie Goulding releases her opus

Ellie Goulding broke onto the scene this year with her smash hit "Lights" from her debut album of the same title. But due to some personal issues I have with a certain person who introduced me to her music two years ago, but I've gotten past them and got into her first album. Goulding's first record was hardly anything that special and except for a few singles the album didn't hold my attention.
This year Goulding released her second album Halcyon. On this album she drops her electro/folk sound for a sound that is reminiscent of Adele and Florence and the Machine. The album is inspired by a break-up Goulding went through which more times than not means an artist's best work. The album features more indie rock influences. One of the album's best songs and second single is "Figure 8" on which Goulding sticks to what she knows. The dubstep inspired electrorock song features such personal lyrics from Goulding. The entire record has lyrics written with pure sadness.
The great ballads "Dead in the Water," "Explosions" and "I Know You Care" are all attempts of being her "Someone Like You" moment. while nothing is anywhere near that greatness all these songs are amazing.
The best song on the album is "My Blood," a Florence and the Machine inspired song that is about strength after a break-up. The song features such lush instrumentals and gorgeous vocals make it the highlight of the album.
With Halcyon Goudling has cemented herself as a new alternative pop queen.

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