Friday, November 30, 2012

Sister Sin don't evolve at all, but improve on new album

Metal band Sister Sin released their third album last month and it's much of the same as their older albums. Their debut album Switchblade Serenades had some variety but their second album True Sound of the Underground was basically 11 songs that were all the same tempo and about the same thing. Their third record Now and Forever is nothing different, however there are a few changes.
For one thing the production is more crisp. Songs like "In it For Life" and "The Chosen Few" sound great and rock hard. This makes the songs sound much better, so this is definitely a plus about this album.
Additionally front woman Liv Jagrell's vocals have gotten better. Her vocals are filled with just as much rage as before. While the lyrics haven't gotten any better and while the songs all pretty much feature songs about fighting the power. The exceptions are "In it For Life" which is about how the band want to be making music for life. "Morning After" is a break-up song which we rarely hear Liv and the boys talk about on albums.
Also the tempo of the songs aren't all the same. There are a few more slowed down songs and even a ballad. "Morning After" is one of the best songs on the record and it begins as a piano ballad. Eventually the rest of the band come on in true 80s power ballad style.
Some album highlights include the first single "End of the Line" which may be the best Sister Sin song ever, "Hearts of Cold" which is catchy and aggressive and "Hang Em High" which is the one song Liv gets a writing credit on. The song is about her wanting to have a good time. It's basically a ladies party anthem that sounds like a hybrid between Halestorm melodies and Ke$ha lyrics.
This album may not be Sister Sin's best but it does show a little improvement. At this rate maybe the band will show some artistic growth on their ninth album. Until then, rock on Sister Sin!

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