Friday, November 30, 2012

Shiny Toy Guns reunite with greatness

When Shiny Toy Gun's debut album We Are Pilots was released back in 2006 it mixed rock and dance music with influences ranging as far as electroclash and post-hardcore. Co-vocalists Carah Faye and Chad Petree mixed emotion and fun into a perfect album that gave such classic songs as "Don't Cry Out" and "Le Disko." The band were on the rise and then the unexpected happened. Carah Faye left the band to pursue her new project Versant.
In 2008 the band released their second album Season of Poison. New vocalist Sisely Treasure was an interesting new addition to the band. Her voice had more of a rock edge to it and the songs began to rock harder. While there were certain great songs on this record, it was nothing as good as their debut. They went on to release a remix album which featured remixes from both albums in addition to two new songs. Those new songs were better than most of the songs on Season of Poison and it seemed as though they were getting back on track. In the beginning of 2011 Treasure announced on her website that she was no longer a member of Shiny Toy Guns. Carah Faye was returning.
So that brings us to their new album III. The album brings the band back to the sound of their debut. There are songs that range from fun dance songs ("Speaking Japanese") and more emotional ballads ("Take Me Back to Where I Was").
This album isn't as fantastic as their first but these songs are so good. The album opens with "Somewhere to Hide" a dance floor anthem about escaping from troubles. Other highlights include the catchy "If I Lost You," the fast-paced dance-rocker "Carrie" and "The Sun" which was released a few years ago and originally meant to be the first single off of the album.
The album's best track is the rocking "Speaking Japanese." The song which features a dance beat and guitars is basically this album's version of "Le Disko" or "Ghost Town." It's a fun song that really has no meaning, it's just meant to get crowds moving. While they write phenomenal ballads, Shiny Toy Guns are at their best when they bring the party.
This album is definitely a move in the right direction and as long as Shiny Toy Guns keep Carah Faye around and evolve off of this sound they'll be all the better for it.

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