Thursday, September 5, 2013

Blessthefall Continue To Grow On New Album

Last month Blessthefall released their fourth record Hollow Bodies. This is their best and most cohesive album to date. While their last two records were great and their debut was decent this album wins.
This record, the band's third with clean vocalist Beau Bokan, is a step forward from their last album Awakening, which itself was perfect, but Hollow Bodies steps up Blessthefall's game. The album stars out on a heavy note.
The first four songs are some of the heaviest on the record. "Exodus" starts the album off with a fury then the records two best songs "You Were A Crown But You're No King" and the title track come next, flowing nicely into the second single "Déjà Vu." The album then slows it down with "Buried in these Walls." This song tones things down for a little, giving the listener a false sense of calm. The next song, "See You on the Outside" is a faster song but it isn't as heavy. Unclean vocalist and bassist Jared Warth is barely heard on this song. While Warth is a great screamer, Bokan is the vocalist who truly shines on every song.
The next song "Youngbloods" is one of the heaviest songs on the record. The song, which features additional vocals by Jesse Barnett of Stick to Your Guns, also is the first time the band use profanity in their lyrics. "You're just a bitch," they scream before a breakdown in the first verse. The album then goes into "Standing On the Ashes" which is like all the songs before it, brutal. The lyrics of the album are predominantly about a breakup.
"Carry On" which features vocals by Jake Luhrs of August Burns Red is another heavy song that starts with Warth's screams and then goes into Bokan's clean vocals. The next song "The Sound of Starting Over" is a less heavy song than the rest. The song is made up of almost entirely clean vocals from Bokan.
The album closes on a high note with the best song on the record, "Open Water." This song, which is a duet between Bokan and his wife synthpop singer Lights is simply gorgeous. The song is a perfect way to end this record.
Blessthefall have truly grown and released their best album. Hopefully they continue on the path of greatness they got on with Hollow Bodies.

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