Thursday, November 14, 2013

AFI Release Best Album

I'm not going to lie I wasn't a fan of AFI until their 2006 debut album Decemberunderground. I just never liked them but that record was great. It made me pay attention to them when in the past I'd not been too into their music. Then in 2009 they released Crash Love which was okay but nothing to really shake a stick at.
Then last month the band released their ninth record Burials. From the epic album opener "The Sinking Night" to the epic closing song "The Face Beneath the Waves," AFI can do no wrong.
The album comes in two types of songs, slow burning rockers and fast paced songs.
"No Resurrection," "The Embrace" and the lead single"I Hope You Suffer," these songs start slow and resonate hard with the listener. These songs are epic and enjoyable but sometimes they can get too long and drawn out. While none of the songs are bad, they aren't as memorable as the faster cuts.
The faster more energetic numbers are where the strength lies in this record. "A Deep Slow Panic," Rewind," "Wild," Greater Than 84," "Anxious" and second single "17 Crimes." These songs are more energetic and passionate and enjoyable to listen to.
While these songs are all great, there are two songs that  are the best on the record. "Heart Stops" is a melancholy song that is about a breakup. This song recalls the greatest emo songs from the heyday of when the genre was popular.
"I know you'll look away while I'm crying/ I know you'll wear that bow with a smile/ Everything I gave you, it was wasted/ Love further down, adore that denial," singer Davey Havok sings during the bridge. Havok demonstrates his emotive vocals and proves why the song works. It's hard to not think back to past heartbreaks while listening to this song.
The other is "The Conductor." This rocker has an 80s inspired beat and is a midtempo song that rocks hard. The drums are part of the greatness of this song in addition to Havok's vocals.
AFI have done a good thing with Burials. Any fans that were let down by Crash Love will have an AFI album to love again.


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