Thursday, November 14, 2013

Heartsounds Stay Constant on New Album

Punk band Heartsounds released their third album last month and it is very much the quintessential Heartsounds record. Internal Eyes is the band's best album. While their previous albums, 2009's Until We Surrender and 2011's Drifter feature some of the band's best songs, this album as a whole is stronger.
Laura Nichol and Ben Murray who both do vocals and guitars for the band were once in the epic metal band Light This City and that metal influence shows on songs such as album highlights "The World Up There," "Where Are You?" and "Cycles."
While all of the songs are good the album gets a tad bit repetitive. At ten songs deep it's hard to differentiate one song from the others. However the epic energy of each song keeps the listener hooked and Murray and Nichol's guitar work and vocals give each song new life. While Nichol was a much stronger screamer in Light This City than she is a clean vocalist in Heartsounds she still performs well. Murray's vocals are stronger than Nichol's but when they harmonize it seems to work.
Other highlights include "Afterthoughts" and "Spiraling," the later being a short and sweet song at just under a minute and a half.
While Light This City were a better band than Heartsounds were this album is an enjoyable listen. It's good to hear Nichol and Murray still making music and I can't fault a band for abandoning a successful band in order to make the music that they want to make. I respect anybody who can follow their musical hearts. Here's hoping that Heartsounds continue to live out their dreams on record for a long time to come.

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