Thursday, November 7, 2013

I See Stars Get Heavy On New Album

I See Stars has always been known to combine heavy music with dance elements. On their first album 2009's 3D, the band had random techno breakdowns mixed in with their heavy metalcore sound in addition to some pop-punk and hip hop elements. Then on their sophomore and best album The End of the World Party the band had a more predominant pop-punk sound but still had heaviness and dance elements to their music. Then in 2012 the band released their third album that wasn't as good as their first two records. Digital Renegade was went harder in the band's style as well as farther into the world of electronic music.
Then in 2013 the band released their fourth record New Demons. This album is better than their last but it still isn't as good as their first two albums. The band continued the sound of Digital Renegade.
"Ten Thousand Feet" and "Violent Bounce (People Like You)" are just two of the album's many highlights. The album's title track and "Judith Rules" are two other highlights.
While some of the songs such as "Boris the Animal" and "Murder Mitten" aren't as good they are more than made up by good songs like "We're Not in Kansas Anymore," "When I Say Jump, You Say How High" and "Who Am I?" more than make up for those songs that don't quite hold up next to the good songs on this record.
The band's vocalists Devin Oliver who does cleans and Andrew Oliver who does unclean vocals sound right at home amongst the music.
While I See Stars haven't released their best album with New Demons they have done better than their last album. Improvement is very important and I See Stars have accomplished that.

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