Thursday, April 3, 2014

Karmin Release Great Debut Album

Pop duo Karmin have always been original. Their mix of pop, dance, hip hop and acoustic music has always been good. On their debut EP Hello, the duo and real life couple, Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, had a few great songs but the rest were lackluster and annoying.
On Pulses, the group's debut album there are many more great songs than there are bad ones.
"The album's best song is still first single "Acapella." The song is a breakup song that features Heidemann at her best as a rapper and singer. While the song was a flop commercially it's still the duo's best song. However there are other great songs on the record. From the touching breakup ballad "Neon Love" to the third single, the hip hop title track there are lots of good songs.
Pulses also has Karmin experimenting with new songs. "Drifter" is a song that is highly influenced by dance music. There is even a dubstepish breakdown. Also "Gasoline" is a reggae track that recalls a more hip hop version of No Doubt's most reggae moments.
However not all songs on the album work. Second single "I Want it All" is an annoying cut that mixes in disco and funk that comes off as silly and annoying. "Nights Like This" recalls a more tame version of Miley Cyrus and Kesha while "Tidal Wave" is just boring.
However tracks like "Hate to Love You" and "Try Me On" make up for it. The duo also write with a few high profile people. Martin Johnson, lead singer of Boys Like Girls, produced and co-wrote "Acapella" and "Neon Love" while crunkcore duo 3OH!3 co-wrote "Puppet."
Karmin have shown that they can grow to make great music if given enough time and brilliant people to work with.

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