Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Pretty Reckless Get Better On Second Album

Last month The Pretty Reckless released their second album of grungy hard rock. Going to Hell is a lot better than their debut which came off as singer Taylor Momsen doing bad Courtney Love impressions.
While there are some great songs on Going to Hell, the band's sophomore record is hardly a masterpiece it does have some great songs.  The album starts off on a strong point with the records first three singles "Follow Me Down," the title track and "Heaven Knows" are some of the best songs on this record. They're heavy, fun and sexy with badass rock and roll swagger. These songs are on the same level as the only two good songs off of their debut album Light Me Up, "Miss Nothing" and "Just Tonight."
The album's other two highlights are the very sexual hard rocker "Sweet Things" to the political and violent "Why'd You Bring a Shotgun to the Party?" These songs are phenomenal and make this album worth getting.
However, the rest of the songs don't really stick out. "Burn" and "House on a Hill" are very much stereotypical hard rock songs. The rest of the songs on the album could just not have happened The five great songs could have just made a great EP instead of a full album.
The Pretty Reckless have proved that they're improving. If they keep along the path they're on maybe they'll have an amazing fourth album.

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