Thursday, April 3, 2014

Taking Back Sunday Mature On Sixth Album

Taking Back Sunday have redeemed themselves on their sixth album Happiness Is. Their fifth album, 2011's self-titled album had a few good moments but very few of the songs were memorable. On new album the band more than make up for that.
The best songs on the album are the first single "Flicker, Fade" and "Better Homes and Gardens." Both deal with breakups but they're mature and adult. The latter has some of the best lyrics that Taking Back Sunday have ever come up with. Both these songs are touching and emotional and leave the listener feeling what front man Adam Lazzara sings.
"You'll never be happy/ But it was all for nothing/ Yeah it was all a waste/ You held on tight and for dear life/ But it was all for nothing," Lazzara sings on the chorus.
Other highlights include "Stood a Chance," "Beat Up Car" and "Like You Do." These are all classic Taking Back Sunday and like the rest of the record, are great.
There truly are no bad songs and I have no negative comments to make about this album. It shows that just because a band gets older, doesn't mean they need to lose their edge. Taking Back Sunday only get better with time and this record shows it.

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