Thursday, July 11, 2013

3Oh!3 Redeem Themselves On New Album

3Oh!3 released their sophomore album Want in 2008. The album gained them mainstream popularity and had some hit singles including "Don't Trust Me" and "Starstrukk" which features Katy Perry. While some of the songs on that record weren't the best, it was a great album that still sounds good now.
Then in 2010 the crunkcore duo released their third album Streets of Gold. This album featured the hit "My First Kiss" which features Ke$ha and is one of the album's best songs. While there were other good songs on the album, most of them were silly and not good.
Last month the duo released their fourth record Omens. While the songs aren't as bad as the songs on their last album, they are nowhere near as good as their sophomore release. Songs like "Black Hole" and "Eyes Closed" are fun rap songs, yet they lack the original spark of earlier songs like "Punkbitch" and "Photo Finish."
While there is some fun to be had on Omens, the truly great moments come on the disc's slower songs. "While "Make it Easy" isn't a ballad it starts out slow and features lyrics about making life easier. "Back to Life" which serves as the album's fourth single is a nice electrorock ballad that is about partying and a connection to music. "Youngblood" could be a song off of Ke$ha's latest record and that isn't a bad thing.
While the slow songs are great, the house influenced first single "You're Gonna Love This" and the rock number 'Two Girlfriends" are two of the best songs. Not every song is as good as the others. "Live for the Weekend" is a silly ode to partying.
"When I was little kid/ Dirt on the sneakers/ Used to blow out all my parents new speakers./ Never went to bed/ Never took a nap/I still do that, I still do that.," the duo sing before the chorus.
But that song is forgotten about when listening to the dubstep-as-fuck "Hungover" and third single "Do or Die."
This album is nowhere near as good as their earlier work, but it is still a great album and is sure to get the duo new fans. Omens may not be perfect, bit it definitely is a step up from their last record.

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