Thursday, July 11, 2013

Falling In Reverse Get Good

Falling In Reverse released their debut album The Drug in Me Is You in 2011. While those of you who read this blog know my feelings on that album, I'll make it short. There was only one good song ("Goodbye Graceful") and the rest were shitty and sing songy messes with self-centered lyrics and a similar sound to the entire disc.
Then in May the band announced their sophomore album Fashionably Late. It was preceded by the single "Alone" which at first I didn't like. The single grew on me and the second single and title track blew me away.
The album, out last month is far from perfect but it is a thousand times better than their debut. From the electro/rap/rock/metal of "Alone" to the catchy and heavy "Rolling Stone," the album is fun and catchy. Whether channeling Andrew W.K. ("Fuck The Rest") or Katy Perry ("Bad Girls Club") frontman Ronnie Radke can do it all. He gets heavy on tracks like "Champion" and "Self-Destruct Personality," Radke steps outside the box a lot on this record. From the hip-hop inspired "It's Over When It's Over" to the video game sampling "Game Over" Radke and co. have really stepped up their game. 
The album's best song is the poppy "Bad Girls Club" which sounds is part Katy Perry, party Avril Lavigne and part amazing. The song has heavy synths and a cheerleader breakdown. This song could get the band a huge hit. Radke even uses the song to speak out about his legal troubles.
"She called the cops and made it seem like I was mean/ She's not your average lady, She is fucking crazy/ Spelled C U N T," Radke sings before the chorus.
The album ends on a bad note however. The closing ballads are wishy washy. The piano-filled soft rock "Keep Holding On" and the country inspired "Drifter" are stupid. However the rest of the album is actually good. This album shows that Radke has come a long way after parting ways with Escape The Fate. This album may not be the best album of the year, but it is the album that shows the most improvement and straight up balls.

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