Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ciara Releases Her Best Album

Last week Ciara dropped her self-titled fifth album. The album is a bumping, sexy R&B album with lyrics that exude confidence and sex appeal.
From the album's opening, the breakup anthem "I'm Out" which features killer raps from Nicki Minaj to the closer "Body Party Remix" which features Future and B.O.B.
The album's sexy side is shown on cuts like the banger "Sophomore" and the album's best song "Read My Lips" and the first single "Body Party" and it's remix. The lyrics show speak of the singer's sexual prowess and brag about how hot her body is.
"Keep On Lookin'" is an answer to all of the haters out there trying to keep Ciara down. After two failed albums the press tore Ciara apart when she didn't match the success of her first two albums.
"I done told you haters to fuck off/ But I’m still such a lady," Ciara sings during the second verse.
"Where You Go" is a duet with Ciara's real life boyfriend Future. One of the few slower songs on the album, the song features lyrics about the two being there for each other and going wherever the other goes.
"Super Turnt Up" is a thumping, electro song with lyrics about being in love with somebody. The song "features" Ciara, meaning that she raps on the song. "DUI" is about getting freaky while driving. "I might have to pull over," Ciara sings.
"Livin' It Up" features another appearance by Nicki Minaj and is one of the album's best songs. The 80s inspired, synth-filled song is an ode to feeling good and getting through the bad times. The song is an ode to confidence and Minaj's rap only adds to the message. "Overdose" is another synthpop song about a great lover, we clearly know who Ciara is talking about. The disc then ends with the remix to the single "Body Party." The new version has a faster beat and raps from Future and B.O.B which only improve on the original.
Ciara is definitely a great album and it's Ciara's opus. It gets her back to the greatness of her debut and it shows the world that Ciara isn't done just yet.

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