Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sara Bareilles Stays Constant On New Album

Sara Bareilles has never had a bad album. Each of her four records have been great, but they never cover new ground.
Her fourth record, The Blessed Unrest is no different. The album has the same blend of pop-rock and soul filled with piano and tons of melancholy lyrics to boot. While most of the songs stick to that theme some songs like "Little Black Dress" and the lead single "Brave" Bareilles steps up the tempo and makes fast, upbeat and inspirational songs.
Other songs like the quirky "Cassiopeia" or the piano-rock "Chasing the Sun" Bareilles gets back to her usual sound.
While most of the songs are good, some like the awkward "Satellite Call" or the boring "1000 Times" don't hold up next to the other great songs.
Some album highlights include the adorable love song "I Choose You," "Eden" and the closing ballads "Islands" and "December." The best song on the album is "Manhattan," a breakup ballad that is heartbreakingly honest.
Bareilles has proved with this record that she is capable of branching out, now if only she would do it more often. How many times can people buy the same record with no evolution?

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