Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Skylit Drive Continue To Wow On New Album

Post-hardcore band A Skylit Drive released their fourth album Rise last month. This album, their first without founding member Joey Wilson, is a more polished effort than any of the band's other releases. Each album and EP the band has released becomes more and more polished. The sound on this album isn't as raw as their early work. While the band's production has become more polished, the band's passion and emotion in their music hasn't waned. While Rise isn't as great as their last and best album Identity on Fire, it is a great record that is sure to keep fans happy.
The album doesn't have any bad songs and each song is catchy and memorable. The songs have the usual mix of heavy unclean vocals by Brian White and clean, high-pitched vocals by Michael Jagmin. 
Tracks like "Dreaming in Blue," "Crazy" and the title track and first single have the band's classic post-hardcore sound. Catchy hooks, heavy verses and killer breakdowns. While this album isn't exactly groundbreaking, the band do tread new water in some spots. "Said & Done" has an electro inspired intro and lone ballad "Please Stay" and one of the best songs on the record have a different sound as well, incorporating pianos into the music of this touching ballad.
The album's best song is the album opener "Save Me Tragedy." It's a heavy rocker and a great way to open the disc. "I hear you screaming/ You fell in love with a tragedy," Jagmin sings.
The second half of the album has more memorable songs like "Pendulum," "Wide Awake" and "Shadows."
This record further helps A Skylit Drive etch our their place amongst the greatest post-hardcore bands. This band can be around for a long time to come. Hopefully on their next album  they further the experimentation.

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