Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Icona Pop Start The Party On Debut Album

Icona Pop released the perfect pop single last year. Their hit "I Love It," which features Charli XCX on vocals and as a songwriter, was the perfect breakup anthem. Fun music with angry lyrics about a lover who's done wrong. It was catchy and addictive and relatable, yet still carefree. That sums up Icona Pop in one word, carefree. Their debut album This Is... Icona Pop is proof of that.
There's no more evidence needed than two of the duo's singles "All Night" and "We Got the World." "All Night" is a fun song about partying all night and "We Got the World" is an ode to being yourself and enjoying life.
"They say you're a freak when we're having fun/ Say you must be high when we're spreading love/ But we're just living life and we never stop/ We got the world," Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo sing during the chorus.
Sometimes the duo's lyrics about partying work and sometimes they don't. On "Ready for the Weekend" the band keep up with their antics but something about this song just doesn't work.
One of the album's best songs is the first single, the Tupac sampling "Girlfriend." On the track the girls sing about how all they need is each other and their friendship.
"All I need in this life of sin/ Is me and my girlfriend/ Down to ride til the happy end/ It's me and my girlfriend," the duo sing. 
Another highlight is "In the Stars," which is an indie-inspired number. That is followed by the weird "On a Roll" and then the gorgeous ballad "Just Another Night." This song, Icona Pop's first ballad, is a gorgeous ballad about suffering after a bad night out.
The album goes into "Hold On" which is a song about realizing a breakup is coming. The song also has some indie influences. The song is followed by the boring "Light Me Up." This song is good, but it isn't very interesting or memorable. The album then closes with the punk inspired "Then We Kiss." This song is a fast paced track that ends the album on a high note.
The album isn't the best record of the year but it is a fun record to be the soundtrack to any party. Icona Pop are far from a one hit wonder.

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