Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sleigh Bells Release Best Album

Noise rock duo Sleigh Bells released their third album Bitter Rivals this month and it is by far their best record. Sleigh Bells music mixes in pop, punk, metal, R&B, dance, hip hop and indie rock to form an aggressive but catchy sound.
Their 2010 debut album Treats was a great record and got the band lots of attention however 2012 sophomore album Reign of Terror was just boring.
The album opens with the first single and title track. Like "Tell 'Em" and "Comeback Kid" from their previous albums, the first single is always the best track and that is true for this album as well. "Bitter Rivals" is catchy and aggressive and stands up for attention.
"You are my bitter rival/ But I need you for survival," singer Alexis Krauss sings during the chorus.
Krauss is a very interesting vocalist. She's very similar to Karen O from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, soft singing one moment  and then shouting and shrieking the next. Krauss along with Derek Miller, formally of Poison the Well who does guitars and production make up Sleigh Bells. Miller's beats and shredding are part of what makes the band's sound work.
Other songs that are highlights include "Sugarcane," "Sing Like a Wire" and "Young Legends" are some of the album's best songs. This album is the first time that breakups are covered well on a Sleigh Bells album. "You Don't Get Me Twice," "To Hell With You" and the album closer and the album's other best song is "Love Sick." The band had several relationship songs on their sophomore album but none were as good as these songs.
There is one lone song that isn't good. "Minnie" is repetitive, strange and unnecessary. That being said this is still Sleigh Bells' best record and is hopefully a sign of what's to come for this amazing band.

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