Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Justin Timberlake Will Never Stop

Justin Timberlake released his second album of 2013 last month and it's one of his best. The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2 is far better than it's predecessor. While his last album had a more neo-soul sound this new record, Timberlake's fourth, has a more hip hop and R&B influenced sound like his last album combined with Justified and FutureSex/LoveSounds.
The album, like all of Timberlake's are predominantly produced by Timbaland. This is evident in album highlights "Gimime What I Don't Know (I Want)" and the second single "TKO."
Other highlights include "Cabaret" which features Drake, "Murder" which features Jay-Z and the acoustic rock inspired "Drink You Away." 
While most of the songs are great there are some that aren't up to par with the others. "True Blood" is about four minutes too long with a runtime of 9:31 minutes. While Timberlake's last three albums are known for having long songs, this one just isn't necessary for it to be that long. The song is good but after a while it's just too much to handle. Also the first single "Take Back the Night" could have been better.
Those songs aside the album really does shine. "You Got it On" is a soulful track that is a throwback to Part 1. " "Amnesia" is a classic Timberlake song that deals with a breakup.
"Only When I Walk Away" is a thumper that has a guitar-laced beat about the end of a relationship, a topic that despite being happily married Timberlake covers a lot on this new album.
The album ends with "Not a Bad Thing." This song is a love song that features more acouscit guitars. This song goes to show that even after the heartbreak that is dealt with on the disc, love can come. The album keeps up with the acoustic sound on the bonus track "Pair of Wings" This song features just Timberlake and an acoustic guitar. This song is a love song that is simply adorable.
All in all this album is a great record and it goes to show that Timberlake is not going anywhere.

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