Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Pierce The Veil album kicks ass

Pierce The Veil have always been known for their more experimental sound. The post-hardcore sound of their early albums has always had an experimental rock undertone. Their last two albums had some phenomenal songs on them but the records fell short as a whole because they weren't filled with amazing songs. On their third album Collide with the Sky, Pierce The Veil completely improve their sound. The band have mixed in a bit more of a metalcore influence on the record.
While the album is hardly a straight up metalcore record, certain songs such as the lead single and one of the band's best songs on the album, if not ever "King For A Day" which features Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn. The song features loads of unclean vocals by both frontman Vic Fuentes and Quinn. Both of the singers also contribute clean vocals to the song.
Another album highlight is "Hell Above." The song is a fast paced rocker that gets the album off to a good start after the haunting intro "May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep Tonight." The song features Fuentes screaming muffled before erupting into a breakdown before transitioning into "Hell Above." The entire album flows together to form a string of 12 great songs as opposed to being broken up by filler tracks like their first two albums.
Other highlights include "Props & Mayhem" and "Hold On Till May," which features Lindsey Stamey from Oh No Fiasco and "The First Punch" which is the most metal sounding song on the record. Fuentes goes frantically between singing and screaming on the tracks with such ease that the listener barely hears his breath.
Pierce The Veil have etched themselves a place in the post-hardcore scene as an experimental, emotional band with this album. This band are sure to only get better as their career goes along.

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