Friday, August 24, 2012

The Gaslight Anthem redeem themselves with new album

Heartland punks The Gaslight Anthem recently released their fourth album Handwritten and after their last album, American Slang, Handwritten is a breath of fresh air. The band mixes folk, punk and heartland rock into their music
The songs on Slang weren't bad but when compared to their previous album, The '59 Sound. That album, especially the title track, was just phenomenal. The album didn't have a dull moment and it kept listeners wanting more. Then American Slang came out and it thought it was a better album than it really was. The record was bland and most of the songs tended to blend together.
Handwritten brings the band back to their strength. The songs are catchy and emotional and they pack a punk-rock punch.
The title track is the best song on the record. With a loud rock sound and addictive melody it's everything that The Gaslight Anthem do great. Each song is emotional and the band really know how to tug at the heartstrings of the listener. The lyrics of each song are relateable and singer Brian Fallon knows how to work his voice to make the listener truly feel what he is singing.
Other highlights include "Here Comes My Man," "Biloxi Parish" and the lead single "45." Each song on the album leaves the listener not wanting each song to end, yet wanting so badly to hear the next gem and delve deeper into Fallon's soul.
Handwritten is sure to keep The Gaslight Anthem's loyal fans happy, get them new ones and bring back disgruntled fans who were let down by American Slang. This album solidifies The Gaslight Anthem's place as one of the best bands punk bands out there.

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