Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sister Sin, make same song over and over again

Old-school metal band Sister Sin released the first single from their much-pushed-back third album Now and Forever entitled "End of the Line." The song is a good song but they've done it before. Their debut album Switchblade Serenades had a little bit of variety. Most of the songs on that album were fast paced hard rocking songs but there were also songs like the title track which were midtempo and sexy.
Their second record True Sound of the Underground contained 11 of the same song. They really aren't about anything at all. Being bad ass and fighting the norm seem to be what most Sister Sin songs are about. The main thing that make this band so appealing is that they are so energetic and fun. Not to mention the fact that front woman Liv Jagrell is a beast at singing. She has such a great voice that she can work the same tired formula and make it interesting again.
"End of the Line" is a fun ride, but we've taken that ride before. The lyrics are even similar to their single "Sound of the Underground" off of their second record. While the album will probably be enjoyable if Sister Sin want to keep their fans they'd better switch things up if not for this album then for record number four.

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