Friday, August 3, 2012

The Veronica's release addictive, yet not that great single

The Veronicas, third album Life on Mars has been in production for around four or five years and the band cited influences ranging from electroclash queen Peaches to indie rock band The Subways yet last week when The Veronicas released their first single "Lolita" which sounds like Ke$ha and Ellie Goulding made a club anthem about seducing a lover. The song is catchy and addictive but it's hardly worth the wait since The Veronicas last pop masterpiece Hook Me Up was released in 2007. That album contained club songs with rock influences and was actually original. Their first record was a straight up pop-rock album and that was great as well. Sadly this song just doesn't hold up as well next to their other songs. One of the things that is so appealing about The Veronicas is their emotion in their songs, this song is simply void of true feeling.
The lyrics are also cheesy. "I'm your Lolita, la femme nikita. When we're together, you'll love me forever," the sisters sing over a house inspired beat. The only redeeming part of the song is the music, it gets stuck in your head. The house breakdowns seem inspired by Nicki Minaj's latest club jams.
While the song is a disappointing it's still a fun song that has fans excited for Life on Mars. Hopefully on album the group will get back to what they know best, fun dance-rock that is packed full of emotion.

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