Friday, August 3, 2012

The Word Alive release cohesive album

There are a plethora of metalcore bands that use quirky synthesizers and good cop/bad cop vocals to make decent albums. The Word Alive released their second full length record last month and the album is a step up from their earlier material. Life Cycles is a much more cohesive album than their first record, Deceiver. That album had a more experimental side to it and while Life Cycles does tread the experimental waters, this album is much more about punching the listener in the ears. 
The best part of any The Word Alive song is vocalist Tyler "Telle" Smith. He sings the choruses with such emotion that it's hard to not have your heartstrings tugged on. On songs like "For Your Health" and the album closer, "Astral Plane" that Smith is truly at his best. He sings with such sadness on the latter that it's hard to listen to, yet beautiful so you can't stop. It calls to mind the balladry of The Used on their laster albums. 
Of course the band also know how to rock, "Wishmaster" is sure to get even the cool kids sitting in the back of the crowd into full mosh mode. "Bar Fight" is possibly the heaviest song on the record and a headbanger. The verses barely let up and then Smith's clean vocals on the chorus provide temporary shelter before the storm sets back in and Smith's brutal screams are pelting on your head, not giving you a break from the assault.
The best song on the record is the first song "Dragon Spell." The piano tinkles that play throughout the track add a creepy tone to the song. "Show no mercy," Smith screams during the first verse, setting the tone for the rest of the album that Smith and co. will not be letting up for the next thirteen songs.
All in all, Life Cycles is sure to gain The Word Alive new fans as well as cement their current fans at the band's side.

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