Friday, June 14, 2013

Chrisette Michele Gets 'Better' On New Album

R&B singer Chrisette Michele released her fourth record Better this week and it's a great album. On her first two albums Michele had moments of greatness surrounded by filler tracks that all sounded similar. Then on her third record, 2010's Let Freedom Reign, her energy picked up and it was by far her best album.
Better picks up where she left off three years ago. From faster songs like "Be in Love" and "Let Me Win" to ballads like "You Mean That Much To Me," Michele is at her best here.
Stand out tracks include the second single "A Couple of Forevers" which is a gorgeous and downright adorable love song. Another song that stands out among the crowd is "Rich Hipster" which features rapper Wale. The song is all about hipster culture. This topic is explored more on "Can the Cool Be Loved?" which features Bilal and Dunson.
The title track is a great song about love making a person 'better.' Other highlights include the hopeful "Love Won't Leave Me Out" and the Priscilla Renea-penned "Snow." The latter having a hip hop sound to it.
While there are no bad songs on the record the interludes could just be gotten rid of. Also 2 Chainz all but ruins the first single "Charades."
Other than that the album is a great release and shows Michele's growth. Better solidifies Chrisette Michele as one of R&B 's best artists out now.

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