Friday, June 14, 2013

Secrets Introduce New Singer On New Single

Post-hardcore band Secrets released their debut album ,The Ascent, a little over a year ago and they're already releasing their sophomore record, Fragile Figures, in July.
The band released their first single off the record, "Ready for Repair" this week. The single is the first song to feature new unclean vocalist Aaron Melzer, who replaced Xander Bourgeois after his departure in April.
The single is classic Secrets. Unclean verses, now courtesy of Melzer, and their signature clean vocals on the hook by Richard Rogers.
"Ready for Repair" is about what every post-hardcore band writes lyrics about, a failed relationship with a girl. The song's breakdown is also kind of cliché."
"We were always meant to fall apart," Melzer screams over a double bass filled breakdown.
Despite being sort of cliché, the single is good. It's a good peek into what the band's new album will be, much of the same as they always have done.

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