Friday, June 14, 2013

Tonight Alive Stay Constant On New Single

Tonight Alive have never had a bad release. From their 2010 EPs All Shapes And Disguises and Consider This to their 2011 debut What Are You So Scared Of? the pop-punk five piece from Australia have released some great material.
This week the band, led by front woman Jenna McDougall, released their first single "The Ocean" off of their second full-length The Other Side.
The single, is much like the band's earlier songs, full of passion. The song is a passionate, positive song about perseverance. McDougall is part of what makes the band so great. Her vocals are always full of emotion and she really makes the listener feel what she's singing.
"Sometimes I feel like the ocean is inside me," McDougall sings.
"The Ocean" is great, but it isn't as fun as some of the band's earlier material. This song shows a growth for the band, but here's hoping that the rest of their album has the same punky bite as their previous records.
The Other Side is due out September 10 on Fearless Records.

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