Friday, June 14, 2013

Karmin Get Awesome On New Single

Karmin released their first EP last year and it was a hot mess with moments of greatness. This week the duo released "Acapella," the quirky single is a breakup anthem that has crazy instrumentation and a great vocal performance by Amy Heidemann. Her bandmate and fiancĂ© Nick Noonan provides the sick beats of the song.
While Heidemann's wack raps took over their debut EP Hello, her raps are great on this track. The tracks sees Heidemann get sassy on her raps. In the lyrics she's talking about how her relationship with her lover is done and that she can do better on her own.
"Thought hew as gluten free/ But all that I got was bread," Heidemann raps during the first verse.
The chorus is the clever part. The metaphor of singing acapella as opposed to with the harmony goes throughout the chorus.
"Used to be a baby, used to be a lady/ Thought you were the perfect lover/ All the harmony went falling out of key, so/ Now you gotta find another/ Now you’re talking crazy saying that you made me/ Like I was your Cinderella/ You and me are through, though, watch me hit it solo/ I’mma do it acapella, yeah," Heidemann sings.
This song is great and hopefully their debut album stays like this.

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