Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Sounds Shake It Up On New Single

Swedish New Wave band The Sounds have always made great music. Their first two albums were classics and their third and fourth aren't as great, but still have moments of pure perfection. Last month the band released their first single off of their as-yet-untitled fifth album.
"Shake Shake Shake" is a dance anthem that is all about letting go of inhibitions. Singer Maja Ivarsson performs well as usual. The song is packed full of emotion and pep and is sure to get dance floors popping. 
"You gotta shake shake shake/With somebody like me yeah," Ivarsson sings during the chorus.
The song would fit very nicely on their last album Something to Die For which for the most part abandoned the punk elements of The Sounds' previous work and had a more dance inspired sound. The album was by far the worst thing the band have ever done. That isn't to say it was a bad record, it just doesn't hold up next to their debut and it's follow-up.
"Shake Shake Shake" is a bright ray of hope for the band. While it sounds similar to the band's last album, it has the same kind of punch that their earlier songs had. While the sass and attitude of "Ego" and "Hope You're Happy Now" aren't prevalent in this song, it has the emotion of past hits.
While the single is catchy and an all around good time, it isn't the best thing the band have created. However it is a great single and a great preview of hopefully what the new album will be like.
The album, which is untitled and has no official release date, is expected sometime this year.

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