Thursday, September 5, 2013

DevilDriver Stay Constant On New Album

Groove metal kings DevilDriver released their sixth album Winter Kills last month. The album is very similar to all of their previous albums. Most of the band's music sound the same. Grove metal with elements of melodic death metal.
While each song on the album is good, sometimes they tend to blend together. In fact, it's almost hard to tell any of the songs apart. Usually this is a detriment to the band, but DevilDriver are such good songwriters that each song is worth listening to.
One of the things that make the band so appealing is their frontman. Dez Fafara is so adept at his harsh vocals that each song is brought to life by them. Songs like "Oath of the Abyss," "Caring's Overkill" and the title track all stick out against the others. Each song full of aggression and melody.
Other highlights include first single "Ruthless," "Haunting Refrain" and "The Appetite." All of these songs are enjoyable. In fact, each song on here is good.
While none of the original songs are as memorable as some of their other past songs ("Shitlist," "Dead to Rights"), there is one song that shines above all others. This is "Sail," which is a cover of the AWOLNATION single. This is a rare cover that is as good as the original. Fafara's delivery in this song may be the best of his career.
While this album isn't the best metal record of the year, it is a good listen that will keep the listener entertained. Hopefully DevilDriver can keep up the greatness.

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