Friday, September 27, 2013

Ellie Goulding Rerelease Adds Little To Already Perfect Album

Ellie Goulding released her sophomore album Halcyon last fall and it was a great album. It was a step up from her debut album Lights and the soundtrack to many a break up over the last year.
Halcyon Days, the album's rerelease came out in August and it was a good addition to the album, but it wasn't really necessary. There are a lot of good songs but Goulding could have just released a new EP or entirely new album altogether.
The rerelease begins with it's two best songs, the single "Burn" and "Goodness Gracious." The latter being an upbeat dance track that should be the next single. It's the catchiest and most authentic song on the rerelease.
Most of the album's best songs are it's dancier numbers. "You My Everything," "Stay Awake" which is a collaboration with French producer Madeon and "Flashlight" which is a collaboration with British DJ, DJ Fresh. These songs are some of the best songs and really capture the listener's attention.
While there are several slower songs, none are as good as "Hearts Without Chains." There are a few other slow songs, and while none of them are bad, they aren't as good as some of her other songs "How Long Will I Love You?" is a piano filled song that somehow falls flat. "Tessellate" is a cover of a song by Alt-J which has a more R&B feel to it, the same as "Midas Touch" which is a cover of a song by soul band Midnight Star. While these R&B songs are a good direction for  Goulding to go, they add little to this rerelease.
While these songs are all good, few of them stand up to songs that are on the original version of Halcyon. There could easily have been a smaller EP released with about four or five fewer songs.

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