Friday, September 27, 2013

Tonight Alive Get Darker On New Album

Pop-punk band Tonight Alive have always created energetic music with heavy pop-punk influences. Their sophomore album, The Other Side has a darker and heavier sound than before while retaining the passion and energy that the band had in earlier releases.
The album isn't as good as their 2011 debut What Are You So Scared Of? but it does have a lot of good songs. The album opens on a strong point with the first single "The Ocean." The song is a great opener to the band's new sound. The next song, "Don't Wish" is a great follow up song and lyrically covers the topic of a breakup.
"Don't wish that she was me," front woman Jenna McDougall sings tauntingly during the chorus. This song is an epic statement of freedom and her way of saying that he had his chance.
The next song and second single keeps up the momentum of the first two songs. "Lonely Girl" is possibly one of the best songs on this album and it's the most close to their debut album and EPs. The song, which lyrically talks about the end of a friendship, keeps up the energetic and heavy sound that the band have put into place for this record. McDougall clearly has lots to say on this record.
The fourth song on this record slows things down to a degree. "To Hell and Back" deal with finally moving on from a breakup. McDougall is stronger than ever.
"I went to hell and back just to be where I am today," she sings during the chorus.
McDougall is what makes this band so great. Her lyrics are always touching and relatable and her vocals truly make you feel what she's singing.
This is especially true on the title track and best song on the album. A song about recalling an old relationship. McDougall remembers it fondly even though it ended badly. She seems to still miss her love but she knows now that things are better after going through rough times. This song is universal and will relate to anybody. This song is the best song on this album, if not one of the band's best songs ever.
The next song, "The Fire" returns to the heavier sound the band is exploring on this album. It's fast and fun yet packed with emotion, like all of the best Tonight Alive songs.
"Complexes," the next song deals with insecurities. This song is something that anybody can relate to.
"Are you embarrassed of me," McDougall sings in the first line of the song.
The second half of the album tends to bleed together. "Come Home" and "Say Please" stand out, but songs like "Bathwater" and "No Different" aren't memorable. The album ends on a high note with the balladish song "You Don't Owe Me Anything." The song starts out with piano but soon gets heavier.
Tonight Alive are such a good band and it's high time that they get the credit they're due.

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