Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Agonist take no Prisoners on new album

Last month The Agonist released their third studio album Prisoners. The record shows the a great growth for the band. While their first record. Once Only Imagined was a decent metalcore album that mixed in a melodic death metal style, their second album Lullabies for the Dormant Mind took on a heavier sound and showed front woman Alissa White-Gluz using a stronger death growl in than on their first album in which her screaming wasn't as good. One thing White-Gluz has always been fantastic at is singing. Her clean vocals are always emotive and strong.
Prisoners takes both albums and sort of combines them. On songs like "You're Coming With Me" and "Everybody Wants You (Dead)" the band take their aggressive metal sound with lighter elements like acoustic guitars. While the album, like their last two can get a bit tiresome towards the middle and end, each song in and of itself is memorable and great. From the first single "Ideomotor" to the creepy child choir on "Predator & Prayer," each song is a highlight. The Agonist have the ability to shine on heavier songs like "Panaphobia" and "The Escape" in additon to lighter songs.
Another thing The Agonist are well known for are White-Gluz's lyrics that focus on animal rights, struggles and fear. Alissa and the rest of the band start out right for their enemies in the opening song. "I'm going straight to Hell and you're coming with me," White-Gluz sings in the chrous of "You're Coming With Me." The song shows that they won't let anybody get in their way and if this album is any indication of what The Agonist can do, few people will be able to.

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