Thursday, July 12, 2012

P!nk back to basics on new single

Pop-rocker P!nk released her first single off of her sixth album, The Truth About Love at the beginning of the month. "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" continues in the dance-rock vein of her previous songs off of her greatest hits album with the same quirky, cartoonish lyrics that P!nk has become known for.
This song, like many of the singers other songs are about a breakup and feature P!nk's punk-rock attitude. The song is about the decline of a relationship and proves that while P!nk is happily married with a baby, she still knows how to write a kick-ass pop song.
The lyrics are typical P!nk, lots of cursing and sass. "No more sick whiskey dick. No more battles from me. You'll be calling a trick. 'Cause you no longer sleep," the singer snarls as she is clearly moving past this bad breakup. She's had it and she won't take it anymore.
The only problem with the single is that some of the notes P!nk sings are a The chorus has some odd chord changes, but P!nk is always one to pull it off.

P!nk's album comes out in September and is rumored to have guest spots by Snoop Dogg and Brandy. Below is a video of the song.

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