Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chantal Claret puts the puzzle together on solo debut

When Chantal Claret, former vocalist for Morningwood released her first solo EP a few months ago I wasn't a huge fan of it. I thought she put out four good songs but that there was nothing special about them. Then a few weeks ago her debut full-length came out and it all made sense. The 13 songs make a cohesive album that prove that she didn't make a bad decision leaving Morningwood. The One, The Only..., contains soul music mixed with pop and rock undertones.
The album shows that Claret has not lost her rock roots. Songs like "Bit Your Tongue" have a rock and roll swag that prove Claret still has what it takes to get a crowd moving. Other fast-paced songs such as "Honey Honey," "No Love Lost" and "Black Widow" are what makes the album so much fun. Claret lets all her inhibitions go. "Song For The Sinners" and "Real Girls" show that Claret will always have her badass side.
The album highlight is the love song "Never Gonna Let You Go" which features a 1960s sound that is pure fun. Those unsure of whether Claret's music is worth paying attention to should listen to this song, it will surely make a fan out of any Morningwood purist like I used to be.
The album's lone ballad "Can't Save Her" proves that Claret can rock a slow jam as well as she can rock the house with her faster songs. The album closes on a mellow note but that doesn't mean that the rest of the record will bring down the mood. Claret proves that she isn't going anywhere just because her former band folded.

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