Tuesday, July 3, 2012

For All Those Sleeping wake up on new record

For All Those Sleeping have released their second full-length album, Outspoken. The band's first album Cross Your Fingers had several great songs, but an overall boring sound. The post-hardcore meets pop-punk of every other band ever didn't quite catch the listener's attention. That is until Outspoken.
The album features songs that are much more heavier and catchy. The first singles "Mark My Words" and "Once A Liar (Always A Fake)" are sure to be the soundtrack to any Hot Topic employees breakup. While most of the songs are angry metalcore about breakups, there are a few highlights that aren't angry. "One Kiss" is more of a love song than any of the others and "Follow My Voice" is an uplifting track for the band's fans and friends and it's the best song on the record. Both songs are more melodic and feature mostly clean singing.
While most of the songs on the record are straight up metalcore, some of the songs feature dance undertones. "Turn of the Century" has electronic and dubstep influences, mixed in with the hardcore sound.
The musicianship is another thing that set this album apart from the slew of other post-hardcore bands out there. While For All Those Sleeping's music may not be the most original thing, they play it well and in this world that is what we need. Not the most creative music, but the most well played music. For All Those Sleeping combine killer talent with fun, aggressive music. This band have proved that they aren't going anywhere fast.

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