Friday, July 13, 2012

Maroon 5 release poppy new album

Maroon 5 released their fourth studio album, Overexposed last month and it is the most poppy album they have ever done. From the terrible Wiz Khalifa assisted first single to the fun reggae bounce of the second single and album highlight "One More Night." Other highlights include the funky "Ladykiller," the dancy "Doin' Dirty" and the beautiful electro ballad "Fortune Teller."
The album isn't as original or as catchy as their last albums but it is a fine effort. It is clear that since the band's mega hit "Moves Like Jagger" last year, the band want to recreate that success.
While many songs rely on dance, pop and hip hop music one of the best songs is the simple ballad "Sad." The song features front man Adam Levine's emotional singing over a gorgeous piano melody.
The lyrics are about love and heartbreak, like the band's earlier albums. The lyrics tend to get cheesy but the package the band wrap them in are what really sell the songs. The music, Levine's voice and sex appeal are what will surely keep fans coming back for a very long time.

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