Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nelly Furtado saves career on new single

Nelly Furtado released a video her song "The Spirit Indestructible" which serves as the second single and title track of her new album. The song is a return to the sound that made her great. With her 2006 album Loose, Furtado combined her folk-pop sound with a more urban and dance filled sound. The record was the greatest and cohesive thing she ever released. However with her greatest hits album, Furtado released several new songs that were lame.
It didn't get any better when Furtado released her first single "Big Hoops" earlier this year. "The Spirit Indestructibly" starts off slow but puts in a nice danceable thump. The song is mixed in with ballad like guitars. If this single is a sign of the direction the new album will take, Furtado is sure to reclaim her crown.

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