Monday, May 20, 2013

Amaranthe Prove Themselves On New Record

It's kind of late, but I'm going to review The Nexus, the second album from metal band Amaranthe. The band released their self-titled first album two years ago and then in March 2013 they unleashed the monster that is their sophomore release.
The album, like their debut, is a rocking, synth-filled metal album that features clean and harsh vocals from three vocalists. Elize Ryd and Jake E provide the clean vocals and Andreas Solveström provides the harsh screams. The music is metalcore with influences of power metal and melodic death metal in addition to electropop.
The album's songs are all heavy and catchy with lyrics about sci-fi related material as well as about personal struggles and relationships. On songs like "Afterlife" and the single and title track "The Nexus" the band shine with their vocals and instrumentation forming catchy, yet crushing songs. Ryd and Jake E sound the best together when their clean vocals form epic harmonies. Other highlights include "Theory of Everything" and "Electroheart," which has a more pop sound to it while still being heavy. The song is catchy and like most of the songs, pure fun. "Electroheart" may be the best song on the album.
While the album doesn't have any bad songs, "Burn With Me" the album's ballad (kinda) isn't as punchy as the others. Yet some of the songs tend to bleed together because the band rarely change it up on any of the tracks.
Amaranthe have given us one of the year's best metal albums and while the album isn't perfect, it is fun.

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