Thursday, May 30, 2013

Escape The Fate Regain Their Aggression On New Album

It's impossible to talk about Escape The Fate and not bring up their sordid past when it comes to band members. Two years ago former frontman Ronnie Radke's new band Falling In Reverse released an album in which Radke's lyrics took aim at his replacement Craig Mabbitt. It's safe to assume that the bulk of the songs are aimed back at Radke on Escape The Fate's fourth record Ungrateful. The first single and title track is supposedly about bullying but it seems to be a dig at Radke and his new band.
Another song that seems to be aimed at  Radke is "Fire it Up." "Fire it, fire it up/ This is our last dance/ With middle fingers up we'll dance on your, dance on your fucking grave," Mabbitt sings during the chorus.
These songs are much better than anything that Radke could come up with and much more aggressive. The music mixes in metalcore with hard rock and straight up metal.
Highlights on the album include "Until We Die" an aggressive rocker and "Live Fast, Die Beautiful," which is about a young starlet in the making. The topic is cliché but it still works.
Second single "You're Insane" is a fun rocker that's full of energy. "I'm not the reason that you're insane," Mabbitt screams during the chorus.
The album has a few low points, "Chemical Love" is a gothic rocker about a drug addicted romance and "Picture Perfect" has good intentions but never really gets anywhere. The song, co-written by Fall Out Boy vocalist Patrick Stump is about the loss of a loved one and how it showed Mabbitt how to live his life and what's truly important.
The album picks up for the rest of the album after these two bumps. "Risk it All" is about living live to the fullest and it's fitting that his song comes after "Picture Perfect." Desire" is a rocker which is about, just that. "One for the Money" is a fun party song that sounds like a better version of Papa Roach.
Ungrateful is by far one of their best albums, if not the best thing this band have ever released. Hopefully they keep on this path and keep making great music.

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