Thursday, May 30, 2013

Demi Lovato Pleases On New Album

Demi Lovato's sound has changed quite a bit since her debut album 2008's Don't Forget and her follow-up 2009's Here We Go Again. These two album's had a pop-rock sound and really showcased Lovato's emotionally charged lyrics and vocals. Then in 2011 she released Unbroken which all but ditched the rocker in her and replaced it with a dance diva. The album was a R&B/dance/pop record and while it had great songs, it wasn't as good as her sophomore record.
In February Lovato released the first single "Heart Attack." The song was catchy and fun and got people excited for the new album. Then this month Demi finally dropped. While there are mostly good songs, it isn't her best record. The album has great moments like the "Neon Lights" a house number that will keep dance floors full and "Two Pieces" which recalls fun. However for every great song like "Nightingale," a gorgeous ballad, there are a few mistakes. "In Case" and "Shouldn't Come Back" aren't bad, they just lack the same passion as Lovato's other ballads.
The two best songs on the album are the more rock influenced tracks. On the Cher Lloyd assisted "Really Don't Care" which features guitars and sassy lyrics is a pop-rock breakup anthem. "Now if we meet out in the street I won't be running scared/ I'll walk right up to you and put one finger in the air," Lovato sings during the second verse. Another song that recalls Lovato's pop-rock roots is "Something That We're Not." The song is about a clingy hookup that seems to be confused about what the relationship actually is. These songs really recall Lovato's first two records and the spark she had.
"Fire Starter" has a sassy Lovato using a curse word in her song for the first time. The song is a female empowerment anthem that is sure to have girls pumping their fists along. "Made in the USA" is a fun song that has cheesy lyrics and recalls Victoria Justice's "Make it in America." While the song very cheesy, it is enjoyable. "Never Been Hurt" is a great song. It's a great song because it is basically the same song as the title track off her last album. "Unbroken" was a great electropop song that was about letting go of past heartbreaks and loving somebody with all you've got. The song recalled "Indestructible" by Robyn. "Never Been Hurt" has the same main idea and musical style as "Unbroken" only not as good.
This album is sure to appeal to fans of Lovato and gain her new fans and more hits. However, as a woman whose 20, she needs to leave the teeny bopper stuff behind her.

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